Policy Regarding Membership Affiliations

Members may move or relocate to a different geographical area. A member may also affiliate with more than one district or chapter. From the perspective of the International a member may only be listed on the master database as affiliated with one chapter and one district. The reason for this restriction is that the paid membership of a given district is the determining factor for the number of votes assigned to a district for the Annual Meeting. With the foregoing in mind, the policy of the lnternatioiial regarding membership affiliations is as follows:

  • A member must first qualify for membership in accordance with the IOBG bylaws.
  • A member may affiliate with more than one district or chapter but must designate which district and chapter will used by the International for purposes of assigning votes and the member's membership card.
  • The member pays international dues once but pays district and/or chapter dues as charged by the respective jurisdictions.
  • It is the members responsibility to notify both the International and the District of his or her affiliation. When differences of data arise and notification bas not been received, the last proper registration will be used by the International for a members membership card and assigning votes to a district for the annual meeting.

A form has been provided on this website for notifying the International and Districts of any changes in membership data